Adam Wayne (other than being a man that apparently talks in the third person), is a graphic designer, and illustrator from England. Having studied Fine Art at Loughborough University in the beautiful, gray midlands of England, Adam boarded The Mayflower 747, and headed to sunny Los Angeles in order to study the art of Filmmaking. Upon completing his course, Adam set about establishing himself as a unique illustrator and designer; drawing (a classic pun there) upon his fine art sensibilities, and combining them with his love of cinema, Adam created eye-catching imagery and clean, classic designs.

Adam has been working as a designer and illustrator for over 5 years, and in that time has had the fortune to collaborate with a number of clients, big and small, and work on a virtual cornucopia of styles and genres. As well as being a big fan of art, and of course film, Adam also loves sport (particularly football – soccer, although he does enjoy the other kind too), cooking, and breathing in oxygen to stay alive.

Fun Fact: Adam’s most recent word of the day calendar entry is ‘cornucopia’.